OGO was created to turn the world on to the awesome power of recognition! But that assumes there is, well, a “global recognition deficit.” (A phrase we coined to make our point. Pretty clever, huh?)

It seems obvious to us that everyone in the world could use an extra dose of recognition, an extra pat on the back or tip of the cap. Wouldn’t you agree? But we wanted to confirm that what is apparent to us is indeed an “unmet need.” And while we were at it, learn more about where and among whom recognition’s impact was felt the most.

So we conducted a quantitative research study to get to the bottom of it all. And the results are clear.

Survey Says…there truly IS a recognition deficit, at home and at work, and particularly among parents. Check out these findings:*

  • 70% of Americans wish they were recognized more (for being the great people they are)
  • 83% of Americans say they could do more to recognize others
  • 82% do not feel their supervisors recognize them enough for the work they do
  • 85% of parents think their kids do not recognize what they do for them
  • Americans are more likely to forget to send a birthday card (85%) or thank-you note (84%) than to set their DVR (74%). (Now that’s a problem!)
  • 2-3 weeks is the average length between acts of recognition at home
  • At work, it’s 50 days between acts of recognition

What is also interesting, our research revealed that the recognition deficit is truly a two-way street, with more people wanting to do more to recognize others as there are people wishing they received more recognition themselves.

Here’s what’s really cool. If we all pitch in to FIX this problem, we can world a better place. Seriously!

  • Nearly 50% of Americans would have a better sense of well-being and feel more pride in themselves if they were recognized more often*
  • 61% of people feel they’ve made a difference in someone’s day when they recognize others*

Can you imagine what the world would be like if it were filled with more positive-minded people?
We can. And with your help, we can turn this “global recognition deficit” into a surplus! All it takes is a simple act of recognition.

Let’s Go OGO!
Team OGO


*KRC Research conducted this survey on behalf of OGO (O Great One!) via an online survey of 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults ages 18 or older. The study was conducted between February 23 – February 29, 2016.