We all have the power to recognize someone. Small gestures can go a long way!

One of the ways that OGO is working to create a “surplus of recognition” is by asking people to tell us about the amazing people in their lives. We want to give people the opportunity to reflect on what makes those people great and share their stories.

But what makes an OGO great? Would you know one if you saw one?

It’s easy, really. Take a minute and think about the people who have influenced you, inspired you, lifted you up. Who’s always there to lend an ear or give advice? Who has had an impact on your life?

That’s your OGO!

OGOs can be acknowledged for what they do for you or for others. Do you know someone who always seems to be going out of their way to help others? Or someone that inspires those around them to go the extra mile?

Being great doesn’t require being a superhero leaping buildings in a single bound or saving humankind from an asteroid! Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest impact: really listening, helping out a friend in need, sharing new ideas at work.

Once you start looking, you’ll find them all around: at home, in the office, at school, at the corner shop, in your everyday life.

What better way to say “I appreciate you” than by giving your OGO a special shout-out? To share your OGO’s story or read about other OGOs, click here!

Let’s Go OGO!
Team OGO