Recognition by the Numbers

Winter means that days are short on sunshine and long on boredom! Bust that boredom with this fun, color-by-number art project that will reveal a message of motivation and help spread the Mission of Recognition.

Gather your materials and prep a workspace that is safe to color on. Then download and print our free color-by-number page!  Follow the directions on the printable, coloring all spaces with the number 1 in blue and all spaces with the number 2 in yellow. All small spaces that aren’t numbered will be blue.

Admire your handiwork! We love the message in this project, which will help spread the Mission of Recognition and fill your heart with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Now you’re on a roll! Create a couple color-by-number prints for the OGOs in your life, and let them know how special they really are.

If you create your own color-by-number print, share it on social media and tag us using hashtag #WhosYourOGO.