Hi! My name is David Novak, the founder of OGO. As you know by now, OGO is all about recognizing the amazing people in your life. 

Speaking of amazing people, how about our Moms? If anyone is recognition worthy, our Moms sure are!

We've fielded some national research and it's incredible just how under-recognized most mothers are. Get a load of this:

77% of Moms wish they were recognized more by the people in their lives and 62% of Moms wish they were recognized more by their children.*

Given everything our Moms do for us those are pretty sad facts. What do you say we make our Moms happy today by laying on a little gratitude for all they do? Of course, Mother's Day is coming up but why wait? Give your Mom some extra praise today and then really go out of your way to make Mother's Day special. 

The power of recognition can be pretty powerful, and you’ll make her whole week extra special.

Take a look at the three most important Moms in my life. First, my Mom, Jean. She's 87 years old and going through some health problems but boy is she a fighter. She's always with me every step of the way. When I was a kid we lived in a trailer and moved every three months because my dad was map surveyor. She would check me into three schools a year and tell me "David, you better make friends in a hurry because we're leaving soon." That was great advice that helped me learn to make friends quickly! I remember her helping me with my homework and letting me cry on her shoulders when I didn't make the junior high basketball team (I thought I was going to the NBA!). She's always there when I need her to this day. Some things never change, thank goodness. 

Wendy (on the right in the above picture) is my wife and mother of my daughter, Ashley, on the left. Wendy and I have been married for 41 years. When we got married she told me we'd never have kids because she was a juvenile diabetic. Yet nine years later, she took a big risk with many complications with her pregnancy and lo and behold we were blessed with Ashley. Wendy is the most loving and courageous person I know and family is everything to her. 

Now Ashley is a Mom. She has given us three grandkids that are keeping us busy and wearing us out when we're together. We love to play cards, dice, and do riddles before they go to bed. They call me OGO and Wendy GiGi. We just love Audrey, Clare and Luke, and Ashley is such a great Mom!!!

Family is everything and without Moms what would we have? Let's all give them the gratitude and recognition they deserve!

Always looking for OGOs,

David Novak (aka OGO) :)


*KRC Research conducted this survey on behalf of OGO (O Great One!) via an online survey of 1,000 nationally representative U.S. adults ages 18 or older. The study was conducted between February 23 – February 29, 2016.