Lending a Helping Hand

World Teacher’s Day is October 5th and we think it’s the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the important impact of teachers on our communities! These O Great Ones! work hard everyday to help children grow, and it’s hard to imagine how our lives would be impacted without their dedication and hardwork.

So let’s all take a moment to acknowledge a teacher for the helping hands they lend, and the wisdom they impart. This hand-y (and quick!) DIY is sure to warm some hearts.

Gather the tools you’ll need:

 - Construction paper in your favorite color - we picked blue and gold, of course!
 - Scissors
 - A basic pencil
 - Colorful array of magic markers


After you’ve gathered your supplies, fold your construction paper in half lengthwise (hot dog style).


Place your hand on the construction paper with the end of your thumb and forefinger touching the fold of the paper. Spread your fingers out so they have plenty of space. Now, grab an OGO and ask them to trace your hand onto the paper.


Once your hand has been traced, carefully cut out the tracing. You might need a grownup to help with this step.


Now unfold your masterpiece! It should look like two hands making a heart shape with the thumbs and forefingers. Decorate with your favorite drawings, messages of recognition or whatever is in your heart.


This is an optional step, but you may want to have a grownup perfect the heart-shaped center of this DIY with some small scissors.

We know your teachers, coaches and OGOs of all kinds are going to love this heartfelt and hand-y DIY! If you create this project for yourself, make sure to snap lots of pictures and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WhosYourOGO.