The OGO J.A.R.

Recognize your OGO with Personal Notes From The Heart.

Our “Jackpot of Acknowledgement and Recognition” is a virtual J.A.R. that you and your family, friends or colleagues can fill with personal expressions of appreciation for an amazing person in your life. It is a personal, thoughtful, priceless gift they will cherish forever!

Create a J.A.R.

How Does it Work?

When you create an OGO J.A.R., you’re creating a private forum in which to acknowledge your OGO by writing messages and posting photo and video tributes to their greatness. The best part is that you can invite others to participate, so a group of people can honor their OGO even if they can’t be together.

Create a Virtual J.A.R.
  • 1
    Create an OGO J.A.R.

    First sign in or open an “account” with OGO to become the J.A.R. administrator. You will designate the recipient, manage who submits messages, and send the “filled” J.A.R. on its way when it is filled to the virtual brim with content.

  • 2
    Invite Members to Contribute

    As administrator, you invite anyone in the world (your world!) to submit notes, pictures, videos…memories…that help “fill the J.A.R.” with heartfelt, personal expressions of recognition.

  • 3
    Fill the J.A.R. With Dozens of Tributes

    Make it a Jackpot! Keep the tributes coming! Because the J.A.R. is in a digital format, you can never run out of space! So whether it is 5 notes, 500 or 5,000, the OGO J.A.R. can deliver all the accolades your OGO deserves.

  • 4
    Send to Recipient

    Once the J.A.R. is filled, you, as administrator, can then send the OGO J.A.R. to the recipient. They will receive an e-mail notification that they have been recognized by someone important in their lives, then will open the “virtual J.A.R.” and see all the notes and expressions of recognition inside!

Who is it for?

The OGO J.A.R. is for anyone deserving of recognition and has a bunch of friends or family who want to say, “You’re great” (and so much more!)

  • Celebrate a birthday with a gift unlike any other
  • Honor an anniversary
  • Give kudos to a co-worker
  • Thank a teacher, babysitter or coach for being so great to the kids
  • Tell a loved one halfway around the world (or around the block) how much they mean to you.

Anyone and everyone who has touched your life, made your day or done something great for others deserves the personal recognition of the OGO J.A.R.

Create a J.A.R.