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A Road Trip of Recognition

People from all walks of life are feeling underappreciated. Of 1,000 people polled, 70 percent wish they received more recognition. And 83 percent admit they could do more to recognize others. We’re all experiencing a “recognition deficit,” but it’s one that together, we can easily fix.

In our busy world, we need to be reminded of how important gratitude can be. A few simple words to a helpful neighbor or your local barista can absolutely make their day! That’s why we’ve created OGO, a movement to spread the message to people around the world — and across the U.S. — that a little recognition goes a long way. To give people a chance to share their stories and recognize others, we’re taking OGO to the streets with OGO on Route 66!

About Our Team

Carly Sullivan | OGO (Whose Your OGO) Steve Sullivan | OGO (Whose Your OGO)

Carly Sullivan and Steve Sullivan are on a road trip with a mission. Their quest will trace the path of the most famous road in U.S. history while inspiring the people they meet along the way to share some gratitude with the folks that touch their lives each day. Along the Main Street of America, the two will spread the positive power of recognition. They will stop in big cities and small towns for a brief time in an effort to touch the lives of many.

Carly will talk to people about the ones in their lives that make each day special, then help them send personal messages of thanks and encouragement. Steve will capture moments on video and in photos to share their stories with the world. Their road trip will give people the chance to recognize others for the wonderful things they do, and hopefully inspire them to continue to keep sharing that message every day!

Find OGO on Route 66

Look for us on the road! Our OGO team will make stops in the following cities, but will also stop in a few small towns along the way:

  • Chicago (July 11)
  • Springfield (July 12)
  • St. Louis (July 13)
  • Tulsa (July 14)
  • Oklahoma City (July 15)
  • Amarillo (July 16)
  • Santa Fe (July 17-18)
  • Albuquerque (July 19)
  • Flagstaff (July 20)
  • Sedona (July 21)
  • Twentynine Palms (July 22)
  • Los Angeles (July 23-25)

You can make someone’s day — maybe even their week — with a simple thank you or a few words of gratitude. Whose life will you make brighter today? Our website has many ideas on sharing recognition and how you can make it part of your daily routine.

Get started by creating a virtual Jackpot of Acknowledgement and Recognition (J.A.R.) for someone special!

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