Who can I give an OGO J.A.R. to?

EVERYONE needs and wants more recognition. So EVERYONE will love receiving an OGO J.A.R. from you. We’ve seen amazing and heartfelt OGO J.A.R.s created for Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Teachers, Coaches and even kids or other family members.

What gifting occasions are ideal for OGO J.A.R.s?

There’s no limit to occasions or your creativity, so go for it. To name a few, we know people love to give and receive OGO J.A.R.s for birthday gifts and Mother’s/Father’s/Grandparent’s day. The December holidays are also a perfect occasion for a meaningful gift – whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah or the New Year, people love receiving a heartfelt personal gift like an OGO J.A.R.. And we shouldn’t forget those occasions where you want to remind your special someone how important they are – OGO J.A.R.s are perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any day you want to tell them and show them you care.

How long does it take to create an OGO J.A.R.?

There’s really no set time to complete a J.A.R. – it all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Start to finish; adults can complete a J.A.R. in about an hour if you have a pretty good idea of what you want to write on the message strips. Kids take longer depending on their age, but can easily complete an OGO J.A.R. project with minimal supervision. Another great idea we’ve heard from our community members is to make the OGO J.A.R. a group project. Say for example you want to recognize a coach or teacher. Give each child one or two OGO strips to write their personal messages on, sign their name so the teacher/coach knows which message is from which child, collect all the messages and put them in the J.A.R. to present as a team or class gift.

Are OGO J.A.R.s really easy enough for my kids to manage independently?

OGO J.A.R.s are absolutely easy enough for kids to manage mostly independently. We all know kids love to be creative so get them set up with their J.A.R., a nice clean work space and any other fun arts and crafts items you have on hand that can be glued to or included in the J.A.R. to personalize it. We’ve also heard from a few community members it can be helpful to have kids write their personal message on a blank sheet of paper first so they get clear on what they want to say and avoid the stress of “messing up” an OGO strip. But relax; most times the “messed up” strips are the most cherished ones so if it happens, don’t worry about it! Include them anyway.

What’s included in the OGO package and what else will I need to complete my OGO J.A.R.?

Every OGO J.A.R. contains a packet of strips for writing your personal messages, a permanent black marker, a white chalk marker, and a red chalk marker. Some J.A.R.s include the chalkboard label unattached for you to place where and if you’d like to use it. These are the basics we’ve found most consumers need to easily and decoratively complete their OGO J.A.R.. But be creative! Add additional small items that will be special to your OGO – a photo, ticket stubs from a special event you’ve attended together, a hand drawn picture or note from a child, or even decorate the lid – the sky’s the limit. For additional ideas check out our Pinterest and Facebook pages.

Is there any place I can go to find additional ideas for creatively decorating my OGO J.A.R.?

Check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages for more creative ideas. We’d love to hear from you about your ideas, videos and pictures of your personalized OGO J.A.R. s. You can add your ideas and success stories to any of our social media pages including Facebook and Pinterest. If that seems too complicated, please send an email to customercare@whosyourogo.com with any information you’d be willing to have us add to our website and social media pages on your behalf.

Are there other OGO products I can buy in addition to the OGO J.A.R. to create an even more special gift?

The OGO J.A.R. is our best selling item. People love to have a simple, personal way to thank and recognize all the important people in their lives. We’ve found adding another OGO item or two is the perfect way to complete the gift for your special OGO. In addition to the J.A.R., we offer OGO Tee shirts for men and women and a book about recognition that, besides being a great story in and of itself, brings in the story of the J.A.R.. The book title is "O Great One!"

Are there any discounts if I order a large quantity of OGO J.A.R.s for a school or community project?

At this time, there are no special discounts available. But contact us at customer care (1-513-888-7884 9am-5pm Eastern time Monday-Friday). We’d love to hear about your big OGO ideas! You never know what’s possible with OGO!

Can I buy OGO items anywhere other than online?

OGO J.A.R.s and other branded merchandise are available exclusively online at the WhosYourOGO.com website. Our online store is available 24/7 – much better than having to trek to the mall for a purchase, right?

The occasion I want to give the OGO J.A.R. for is right around the corner – what are my options for expedited delivery?

We have expedited overnight delivery for these types of emergency situations. Check the drop down menu in the shopping cart for options and pricing for your specific order and destination.

What should I do if there are items missing or broken in my OGO J.A.R. package?

Every OGO J.A.R. should contain a packet of strips for writing your personal messages, a permanent black marker, a white chalk marker, and a red chalk marker. Some J.A.R.s include the chalkboard label unattached for you to place where and if you’d like to use it. If any of the items are missing or don’t work properly, contact our customer care representative at 1-513-888-7884 9am – 5pm Eastern time, Monday – Friday or email us at customercare@whosyourogo.com and we will send you what you need right away.

Can I use the markers on the lid and glass?

Yes! The markers work on all surfaces. But be careful! The black marker is a permanent marker, meaning that once you write or draw an image it is there for good and can’t be erased! So plan ahead before using!

Why does the white “chalk” marker rub off the glass so easily?

The chalk markers are designed for use on the chalkboard label, letting you erase and change your messages easily. While they still work on the glass, it does rub off easily so be careful handling.

The chalkboard label is not pre-attached to my OGO J.A.R.; do I need to put the chalkboard label onto the J.A.R.?

No, if the label is not pre-attached to your J.A.R., it’s your choice whether you add it to your OGO J.A.R. or not.

I put the chalkboard label on crooked! What do I do now?

The chalkboard label is designed to affix permanently, so once you’ve placed it on the J.A.R. it’s there to stay. Don’t worry, though – crooked labels add charm and are unexpected – the person you give the OGO J.A.R. to will love it!

Can I return my unused OGO J.A.R. for a refund?

We hope you love OGO as much as we do and want to give J.A.R. after J.A.R. to your friends and family. And we always want you to know our money back guarantee lets you to return your OGO J.A.R. within 30 days for a full refund. See our Guarantee for details. 

How can I track my order to know when it will arrive?

Once your order ships, we will send you a confirmation email with the tracking number so you can easily estimate when your package will arrive on your doorstep!

Is there an OGO store nearby?

OGO J.A.R.s and other branded merchandise are available exclusively online at the WhosYourOGO.com website. Our online store is available 24/7 – much better than having to trek to the mall for a purchase, right?

Can you deliver OGO orders to post office boxes, military addresses or US Territories?

OGO products can be shipped to any US address including post office boxes, military addresses and US Territories.

Can you deliver OGO orders to international locations?

We hope to be spreading the good news of OGO to countries around the world before long. For now, however, OGO only ships to US-based mailing addresses.

I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order once it’s placed?

To get your order to you as quickly as possible, once your order is placed it can’t be changed or cancelled. You can be assured your package will arrive in a few days, depending on the shipping method you chose. Once you receive it, if you are not completely satisfied our 30-day money back guarantee is always available in the event you’d like to return your item(s). See our Guarantee for details.

Do you ever offer free shipping?

At the moment, we are just getting started with OGO and have no plans for free shipping promotions. You just never know what we might do in the future, so stay tuned!

How do I contact customer care representative?

If you want to talk to a “live” person, our customer care hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern. Call us at 1-513-888-7884. Or if you prefer email, contact us at customercare@whosyourogo.com and we’ll get back to you in one business day.

I did not receive my complete order, what should I do?

Call a customer care representative at 1-513-888-7884 9am-5pm Eastern Monday – Friday or email us at customercare@whosyourogo.com and we’ll figure out what happened.

I’m having trouble making a purchase online, what should I do?

We know you’ve already tried this, but we have to say it. Type in your credit card number and details again to make sure there were no typos. Make sure your billing address matches the credit card you are using. This solves most problems. If not, try a different credit card. If none of that works, we are always here to help so call us at 1-513-888-7884 9am-5pm Eastern Monday - Friday or email us at customercare@whosyourogo.com.

I’m having trouble with an e-card, virtual J.A.R. or uploading a video to your website. Who should I talk to?

We are so sorry you’re having trouble. If you have any problems with our website, please contact customer care at 1-513-888-7884 between 9am and 5pm Eastern Monday – Friday or email us at customercare@whosyourogo.com. We’re here to help you have the most remarkable experience possible with OGO.

How do I join your online community to stay up to speed on everything OGO?

You can follow us on FacebookTwitter, YouTube, Instagram and find great ideas on our Pinterest page.