Gratitude Fireworks

While you’re celebrating the Fourth with family and friends, take the opportunity to brighten their day with these fun gratitude fireworks!

Step 1

Collect your supplies, download and print our free fireworks pages and trim off the white space.

Step 2

Make accordion folds longways, and space them evenly about an inch apart.


Using your pen or marker, write something you’re grateful for along each of the folds on the back of the firework.

Step 4

Staple the folded paper in the middle, parallel to the edges and cut the edges at an angle.

Step 5

Fan the stapled page into a circle so that both ends meet, then tape the edges to hold it in place. Repeat these steps with all of the pages.

Step 6

Tape a skewer to each of the paper fireworks and assemble them into a bouquet, or glue your fireworks to a ribbon and hang them as wall art!



Remember all of the things you are grateful for when you look at your gratitude fireworks!