Fortuneteller Recognition Game

Kids love to make things, and we love to teach about gratitude. Help them make this fun “Recognition Game” and watch how they pick up on the message.

The fortuneteller features four cartoon characters on the outside.  Have the child choose a number between one and five, and count out the number as you open and close the folded shape with your hands.

Each flap features a word associated with recognition. When you stop on a number, let the child choose one of the words shown. Read the word to them, and discuss what it means.

Then open the flap and read the question; it will help you talk to your child about the importance of gratitude and recognition. There is an action or suggested response next to each question to help your child express their gratitude and recognition.

Who did something nice for you?
Give them a high-five!

When did someone thank you for doing something?
Tell them how it made you feel.

How do you show someone you appreciate them?
Tell them “thank you!”

What do you say when someone helps you out?
Thank you!

What did someone do for you that made you feel happy?
Tell them you are grateful for that!

Who are you thankful for?
Give that person a hug!

What is the best thing someone has done for you?
Let them know you appreciate it!

When should you say “thank you?”
When someone does something nice for you.


build your fortuneteller:


Download the fortuneteller file (click download button located at top of page), print it out and grab a pair of scissors.

step 2

Cut along the outer edge.


Fold in half so image is visible on the inside.

step 4

Unfold the sheet, turn it over and fold all four pointed edges inward, so they meet in the middle.

step 5

Turn over the sheet and repeat, folding all four pointed edges inward, so they meet in the middle.  


Now fold the fortuneteller in half and insert your fingers under the blue pictures. 

And viola!  

You have your fortuneteller!