Going Batty for Recognition

Scary sweet Halloween greetings come fluttering in on silent wings with this DIY that your OGO will go batty for!

Perfect for sharing with the Halloween lover in your life, or for spreading recognition during the spookiest season of all, our bat greeting cards are easy to make, thanks to our printable template and a few supplies you probably already have at home.

Things you’ll need:

 - Our downloadable custom bat greeting card template
 - Black construction paper
 - A metallic felt-tip pen
 - A pencil
 - A metal brad
 - A pair of scissors


Once you’ve gathered your supplies, download and print the free bat greeting card template we’ve designed. Then, it’s time to cut out the pieces of the template.


Once the template has been cut, you should have the body of the bat, a left wing and a right wing. Trace these shapes onto your black construction paper using a pencil, then cut them out.


With the three parts ready to secure together, line up your left and right wing with the scalloped edges facing out and attach the bat’s wings to its body with the brad. The wings should move in and out like doors to reveal the bat’s body beneath.


Now that your bat greeting card is constructed, get creative! Use your metallic felt tip pen to write a sweet message to your OGO.

But don’t stop now—create a whole colony of bat greeting cards for your classmates, teammates or neighbors to let all the OGOs in your life know that they’re so awesome, it’s scary.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your greeting cards and share them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #WhosYourOGO.