Plant an Attitude of Gratitude

This September you can plant an Attitude of Gratitude and make your OGO feel extraordinary with this adorable greeting card and gift tag.

Have someone who deserves some recognition? Easy peasy! Grab a cute potted plant or a bouquet of your favorite flowers, then print out our free Thanks for Helping Me Grow tag and printable card. Leave this thoughtful gift on your teacher’s desk, your neighbor’s porch, or your friend’s kitchen table and you’ll be planting an Attitude of Gratitude in no time!

Here's how:


STEP 1 gather your supplies

For this DIY, you’ll need an attitude of gratitude, white card stock, scissors, a one hole punch, your favorite twine or ribbon, a felt tip marker or pen, and of course a potted plant or bouquet of flowers.


STEP 2 cut it out

Once you’ve printed out the gift tag and card, an adult will need to cut out the templates.


STEP 3 FOLD onto your hat

Now it’s time to fold the card. First, fold the card stock in half along the width of the page (hot dog style), then fold that in half again along the length of the page (hamburger style).


STEP 4 make it meaningful

Now it’s time to share a personal message inside the card. Draw a picture, write a poem, or just tell your OGO why you love them.


STEP 5 time to tag it

Now that your card is done, it’s time to put a tag on your potted plant or flower bouquet. An adult can punch a hole in the Thanks for Helping Me Grow gift tag and thread the twine or ribbon through the hole.


STEP 6 ta da!

Your Thanks for Helping Me Grow gift is nearly ready to go! Tie the tag to your plant and secure it with a bow, then drop it off with your OGO.